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Absorb moisture

Ariasana offers a complete range of products to improve air quality by exploiting the properties of special hygroscopic crystals capable of effectively absorbing excess moisture without any use of electricity. The range consists of:

Kit: rechargeable luminaires with an exclusive design and absolutely practical to use, ideal for any type of environment and surface.

Refills: hygroscopic crystals, also available in a compact version with the innovative refill in Tab to be positioned in the upper part of the Kit. The humidity they absorb is then condensed in the lower part of the device.

Disposable: useful products to absorb excess moisture in small spaces (wardrobes, drawers, shoe racks, sinks, closets, etc.)


The range is completed with a specific product to combat the formation of mold, available in two versions:



Ariasana professional anti-mold smuffer 750ml cod. 2649213
Ariasana professional anti-mold smuffer 750ml cod. 2649213
Ideal product for eliminating mold in the most humid rooms. With smuffer a splash of product and the mold disappears.
750 ml format.
18 Sold
Ariasana Kit Maxi classic 900g code 673932
Maxi is a universal device, which provides effective moisture absorption in rooms up to 40sqm at an affordable price. The device works with 2 packs of 450g salts.
6 Sold
Ariasana Kit Micro pearl cod. 2025893
Perla is the solution for humidity control in rooms up to 10sqm. It helps absorb excess moisture from the air and fights the effects of unwanted moisture, such as condensation, bad odors and mold. Its small and elegant design fits well in any small room.