Metylan wallpaper stickers. Online selling.


Metylan wallpaper stickers

Under the Metylan brand, Henkel has always offered complete solutions for interior finishing and upholstery professionals

murals, guaranteeing the highest quality and satisfying every type of need, from the gluing of wallpapers and coverings to

special finishes up to the grouting of the wall.


• Wallpaper Adhesives: based on cellulose and synthetic additives, to be mixed in water before use. They are suitable for wallpapers

light and heavy, vinyl underlays and wallpapers. The range also includes products for the preparation of

wall (detacher) and for finishing (for example, for the application of decorative borders).

• Adhesives for Coatings: ready to use, they are generally based on acrylic resins, fillers, additives or other types of

polymers (depending on the intended end use). They are ideal for heavy wallpaper, wall and ceiling coverings, insulation panels.