Pattex Crocodile Power

Pattex Crocodile Power

Discover the new line of high quality Pattex Crocodile Power products – designed to meet every repair need, from the most

simple to the most demanding, both inside and outside.

Characterized by the speed, strength and power typical of a crocodile, the Pattex Crocodile Power line allows you to perform

flawless and long-lasting repairs, thanks to the combination of high resistance and fast fixing times.

The range offers a solution to all the repair needs that a consumer may have by encompassing the best of formulations


The line is extremely versatile and offers:

• Instant Glue: the resistant glue for every daily repair and gluing need

• Universal Glue: the transparent glue with high initial hold for metal, plastic*, wood, stone and much more

• Epoxy glue: high resistance epoxy resin with syringe dispenser for instant mixing

• Vinyl Glue: water-resistant vinyl glue for wood suitable for both interiors and exteriors

• Fabric Tapes: super thick and resistant tape, also ideal for rough surfaces


Pattex Crocodile Universal Glue code 2502611

Crocodile Universal Glue 50g

Pattex Crocodile Epoxy Glue code 2504150

Pattex Crocodile Epoxy Glue 11ml

Pattex Crocodile Water-resistant Vinyl Glue code 2550739

Pattex Crocodile Water-resistant Vinyl Glue 225g

Pattex Crocodile Power Tape 30mt

Pattex crocodile power ribbon