Pattex Professional Sealants

Pattex Professional Sealants

Pattex Professional Sealants

They are products based on polymers that are applied to protect the joints from water, other fluids, dust, impurities, agents

atmospheric. Thanks to their high elasticity they are able to compensate the movements of the joints guaranteeing the tightness

and isolation.

Henkel offers different lines of sealants, to meet the specific needs of each consumer:

• the professional, more technical range that covers every need for sealing on any material with its own breadth;

• the habitual faidateist, a range that covers a wide variety of applications and whose very intuitive graphics make it clear

the intended use immediately;

• the less experienced consumer, simple and essential range;

• a range of small sizes, for applications that require small quantities of sealant.

Pattex Silicon5
Pattex Silicon5