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Filtration, cleaning and self-cleaning filters, manual, semi-automatic and automatic.


House water often contains foreign bodies such as sand, scales of oxides and coarse material in general which, if not properly removed, can cause serious problems to the equipment and to the plumbing and heating system.

These impurities can be adequately eliminated by installing protection filters upstream of the system to be protected in compliance with current regulations.

The Technical Standards in force (UNI 8065, UNI 9182 and UNI EN 806-2) require the installation of a mechanical protection filter.

The Ministerial Decree 25/12 provides that the filters are easily washable, automatically or manually and that they are made with materials compliant with the Ministerial Decree 174/04 ("Materials suitable for the treatment of water intended for human consumption").

The Acqua Brevetti cleaning and self-cleaning filters are advanced versions of cartridge filters and are specifically designed for the protection of systems by eliminating coarse bodies such as small quantities of sand, rust flakes and encrustations, processing scraps and pebbles.

All Brevetti water filters are equipped with semi-automatic or automatic cleaning systems capable of guaranteeing rapid and effective washing of both the filter cartridge and the bowl.

The stainless steel construction makes the cartridge suitable for washing or sanitizing procedures.

The standard filtration degree of the filter cartridges used is 89 or 100 microns depending on the model.

Patent water filters can be conveniently used for the protection of: - hot and cold sanitary water supply and distribution systems

- heating and cooling systems

- process water distribution networks

- steam generators