Lowara high efficiency variable speed circulators Ecocirc+

Ecocirc+ circulators

Ecocirc+ high efficiency variable speed circulators

Lowara's Ecocirc+ circulation pumps are designed for water circulation in residential heating, air conditioning and hot water production systems. With 14 models and different control modes, the new Ecocirc+ range represents the smartest choice on the residential circulator market, as it combines high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in a unique and extraordinarily competitive solution. Compact and easy to install, all models feature a single “one turn” knob for setting control modes and speed. They come standard with an interchangeable electrical socket, automatic air vent and a multi-color LED. The entire Ecocirc+ range has an EEI efficiency index ≤ 0.18.


The ecocirc+ version takes energy saving, simplicity and control to a new level. With a digital display and additional operating modes, such as eAdapt and Night Mode, it automatically adapts operation to the optimal setting, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control the device remotely from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.