Pattex DIY and professional stickers.



Although the Henkel company began selling common wood glue in 1925, the history of Pattex began in 1956 with the revolution in the glue market. After a long collaboration with German artisans, the first contact glue was created, called Pattex, which polymerized cold. Until then, consumers had had to heat glues before using them, an activity that was both laborious and dangerous. Pattex set out to solve the problem and developed a product that could be applied at room temperature, thus offering a strong, safe and easy-to-use solution. At first the product was used by shoemakers for shoe repairs but in 1958, it began to spread widely in the woodworking sector, when it began to be available also in bucket format.

A few years later, in 1964, Pattex contact glue also became available in small 125g tubes, a format suitable for home use for small home repairs. However, the founders of Pattex never stopped improving the product; in 1972 they were able to present the first contact glue 'that did not drip' called “Pattex Compact”, specially designed to avoid smudging upon application.

In 1977, Pattex launched the first specific glue for wood on the market, the "Pattex Legno Express" for 'Do-it-yourself', even though the "Pattex Legno" product for woodworking professionals had already existed since 1959. Two years later, the next innovation for consumers arrived, the first water resistant wood glue, called “Pattex Legno Idroresidente”.

In 1981, Pattex increased the assortment of glues by introducing thermofusion guns, specifically designed for professional craftsmen (Example florists).

In 1989 Pattex presented a specific glue to fix objects to the walls. With this product it was no longer necessary to attach or keep objects fixed on the wall for hours! Thus was born the new category of mounting adhesives.

In 1994, Pattex again increased the range of adhesives for wood with special products for parquet and wooden floors.

Ten years later, in 2001, it was the turn of another revolutionary invention - a two-component epoxy putty called Riparatutto Express that allows not only to glue broken objects but also to rebuild and / or seal them if necessary.

In 2006, Pattex once again introduced a major innovation to the market: the new generation of mounting adhesives. It is now even possible to remove objects from the wall after gluing them. The new removable adhesives are born, available both in tubes and in pre-cut double-sided adhesive strips.

2007 is the year when the best repair glue based on Henkel's patented Flextec technology is launched. This glue resistant to impact and all extreme bonding conditions is called "Repair Extreme".

In 2010 Pattex relaunched the concept of mounting adhesives by relaunching the Millechiodi range for beginner users. Everyone understands that the days of drills and nails used to stick things to the walls have passed - the new solution is to glue them.

2010 is also the year of the new identity for Pattex.

A new logo, a new claim and a new packaging. The Pattex brand rejuvenates, maintaining the same strength as ever.

In 2011 the latest new generation universal adhesive made its debut, 1005 glue. This glue, also based on Henkel's patented Flextec technology, is the strongest and most effective on the market. Suitable for both building and repairing anything in the home, this glue is transparent and suitable for all materials. Its features are certified by TÜV, the leading European institute in the field of certifications.