Who we are

Thanks to strategic planning, a wise and effective ongoing methodology, AR-Storeshop has an innovative entrepreneurial dynamic, which makes the company a truly unique model in the field of heating and plumbing and holds a know-how that allows you to find the best way to capture the user's needs and demands for their full and total satisfaction.
The European Commission defines ethics and corporate social responsibility as a " voluntary decision to contribute to the progress of society, to improve the quality of life and to protect the environment, which integrates social and environmental concerns into business processes, to act in accordance with a model of values defined a priori ”.
These are the relevant principles on which AR-Storeshop has been recognized since its foundation and has then grown, becoming the company, due to the intimate and profound conviction, constantly gratified by the many people with whom it has bonded over time, such as customers and the employees, institutions, economic and social forces, who have shared this assumption of responsibility in the direction of transparency, truth and equity, sustainability and the promotion of innovation for social well-being.

We believe, however, that we are only at the beginning of an adventure that we hope will grow and consolidate over time, but without losing sight of the commitment, professionalism and ease with which we conduct our business.


The underlying objective is simple and immediate: to guarantee that the end customer can be in direct contact with the supplier of new and innovative technologies, in order to be able to interact with a single interlocutor, specialized in the sector, without intermediaries or third parties figures, bulky and certainly expensive.

Reducing prices, this is the goal of AR-STORE .

If you are wondering how, the answer lies in the total abolition of intermediaries: the company directly acquires a large quantity of equipment and is thus able to manage the sale in a widespread manner, thanks to the profitable use of the internet so that we are able to offer at the same time a high level of quality, fast service and competitive prices; as well as cutting-edge technical consultancy.


Any initial problem can be resolved by sending an e-mail to technician@ar-store.it by speaking directly with highly qualified staff ready to satisfy all your questions.

After purchase, for any need, you will be able to enjoy technical assistance from our specialists ready to speak with you.


Punctuality and timeliness, these are the key words for our e-commerce company.

Ar-Storeshop, thanks to its logistical organization and collaboration with the most popular shipping companies, is able to guarantee deliveries quickly and in total safety.