Pattex Healthy Bathroom Sealants. Online selling!

Pattex Healthy Bathroom Sealants

Pattex Healthy Bathroom Sealants

It is a water based sealant, easy to remove with water,

allows perfect adhesion and high elasticity and coverage

totally white. It embodies convenience, ease of use,

mold prevention and technology

Pattex Bagno Sano Re -New
Pattex Bagno Sano Re -New
Pattex Quick Healthy Bath code 1904600
Pattex Quick Healthy Bath
Pattex Healthy Bath Silicone Easy code 1495288
Pattex Bathroom Healthy Silicone Easy
Pattex Healthy Bath Anti-mold Detergent code 1506309
Pattex Bagno Sano Anti-mold Detergent
Pattex Sealant Renewal of Joints code 1864984
Pattex Sealant Renews Joints
Pattex Enamel Repair Sealant code 2668400
Pattex Sealant Repair Enamel