Tangit - Adhesives and glues for pipes. Online selling.


Tangit glues and adhesives for pipes.

Tangit has been a point of reference for plumbing and heating professionals for over 40 years, offering the ideal solution for both

professional bonding of PVC pipes and for sealing all types of fittings.

• Adhesives for rigid PVC: adhesives based on PVC dissolved in solvent, ideal for longitudinal joints of rigid PVC pipes.

• Multi-purpose tape: suitable for all leaks both indoors and outdoors.

• Sealing fittings: certified, ideal for threaded fittings, they are available in the universal version with the thread in dispenser and

in the specific paste formula for metal.

• Detergents: based on organic solvents, they clean and degrease PVC-U joints to be bonded with Tangit and prepare

surfaces for the joints to be heat sealed.

tangit uni-lock