Ariasana Aero 360 ° maxi promo kit 2x450g cod. 2631266
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Ariasana Aero 360 ° maxi promo kit 2x450g cod. 2631266

Ariasana Aero 360 ° maxi promo kit 2x450g cod. 2631266

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Ariasana Aero 360 ° maxi promo kit 2x450g cod. 2631266

Aero 360 ° is an innovative system that optimizes 360 ° air circulation.


The Aero 360 ° system is based on a simple physical principle: the greater the contact between the refill and the air, the greater the moisture absorbed. The aerodynamic device has an exclusive tunnel that allows air to circulate 360 ° in and out of the tab. The Aero 360 ° super absorbent refill has active crystals for greater absorption. The grooved surface with central hole increases the contact surface with the air, improving the efficiency of the device. This means up to 40% more efficiency.

Aero 360 ° is the best solution for humidity control, because it absorbs excess humidity in the air, creating a healthy environment in the house.

This absorption system uses the exclusive Aero 360 ° tabs, which last about 3 months in a 20sqm * room. Excess moisture is transformed into a saline solution, collected in the special tray. The tab gradually shrinks due to the moisture wicking process until it is completely dissolved.

* depending on the humidity level and the room temperature

Aero 360 ° is the dehumidifier that tells you when the refill needs to be replaced. When the level of water collected in the tank reaches the red line of the indicator, it means that the refill must be checked, because it is exhausted or is about to run out.

Aero 360 ° makes no noise because it uses a natural process, which does not require energy sources (batteries or electricity). It is also eco-sustainable and convenient because there are no bags or cartridges to dispose of.

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