Svitol bike super degreaser 500 ml cod. 4367 - 4397
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Svitol bike super degreaser 500 ml cod. 4367 - 4397

Svitol bike super degreaser 500 ml cod. 4367 - 4397

Features, in a nutshell:

  • Fast action without residues
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Also ideal for E-Bikes
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Svitol bike super degreaser 500 ml cod. 4367 - 4397


Thanks to its solvent-based formula, it works quickly to remove grease, oil, dust, tar and dirt, reducing wear. Designed with dry degreasing technology, it leaves no residue and does not require rinsing with water, it simply evaporates leaving the treated surface completely clean.

Safe on all components of the bike's transmission group: chain, chainrings, sprocket group, gear shifters and derailleur. Waterless degreasing: also ideal for E-Bikes.



  • Light dirt: apply generously on the chain, sprocket group and derailleur. Allow to drain and remove excess with a soft cloth.
  • More stubborn dirt: spray generously on the area to be treated, then pass with a brush. Dispense generously again, remove any excess product by passing the chain over a soft cloth. Finally, let it dry.
  • The chain is now ready to be lubricated. If unsure of surface compatibility, test product on a small, inconspicuous area before use.
  • Do not use on rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.
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4367 -4397
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