Wd-40 classic 5Lt. with dispenser cod. 44506
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Wd-40 classic 5Lt. with dispenser cod. 44506

Wd-40 classic 5Lt. with dispenser cod. 44506

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Wd-40 classic 5Lt. with dispenser cod. 44506

WATER-REPELLENT: the high adhesion of WD-40 to metal allows the formation of a perfect barrier against humidity and completely covers any surface, even those with micro irregularities; quickly eliminates moisture from short circuits

ANTICORROSIVE: the film formed by WD-40 guarantees protection against water, humidity, frost and related corrosive effects

LUBRICANT: one of the main components of WD-40 is an active and permanent lubricant; it does not contain silicone, lanolin or additives that can attract dust or dirt

UNLOCKING: unlocks seized parts and rusted, blocked or frozen mechanisms. The adhesion to metal of WD-40 allows it to penetrate very quickly by capillarity into the minimum porosities of the metal, thus crossing rust and corrosive layer

DETERGENT: easily removes grease, tar, glue, etc stains; from any non-porous surface. WD-40 can be used on all metal and plastic surfaces

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