Patent water BravoFil semi-automatic self-cleaning filter
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Patent water BravoFil semi-automatic self-cleaning filter

Patent water BravoFil semi-automatic self-cleaning filter

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Patent water BravoFil semi-automatic self-cleaning filter

Semi-automatic self-cleaning filter with 360 ° swiveling plate complete with non-return valve, brushing and backwashing system with filtered water of the cartridge and dirt discharge in a single operation.

Drinking water treatment equipment certified by TIFQWRAS line


Often in the water there are foreign bodies such as pebbles, rust flakes and other oxides, metal scraps that can damage the water system (pipes, valves, mixers, control organs, etc.).

Installing a protection filter is the simplest and most effective alternative to avoid these problems.

BravoFIL is a semi-automatic self-cleaning filter with a 360 ° adjustable connection plate (with 4 90 ° clicks), complete with non-return valve.

The cleaning system includes brushing and counter washing of the cartridge with filtered water, plus dirty discharge in a single operation.

BravoFIL is designed to eliminate foreign bodies

having a particle size greater than 89 microns.

Principle of operation

BravoFIL filters the water from the outside towards the inside of the filter cartridge.

The double action self-cleaning system activates the high speed backwashing with filtered water and, at the same time, the brushing of the entire surface of the filter cartridge which guarantees its real and complete cleaning. The washing operation is started by turning the upper green knob clockwise: this movement activates the brushing and draining system at each click.

At the same time the incoming water is diverted and after passing through a backwash filter, it is forced by the turbo-jet to cross the filter element in counter-current. The task of the turbojet is to significantly increase the speed of the backwashing water ensuring the effective removal of the impurities retained by the filtering cartridge.

The automatic opening of the drain valve (located on the bottom of the vessel) creates a high-speed tangential flow which removes the impurities accumulated in the filter vessel.

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