Svitol Chain Lubricant code 4368
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Svitol Chain Lubricant code 4368

Svitol Chain Lubricant

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Svitol Chain Lubricant

Its modern formulation based on high purity synthetic lubricants with additives of ceramic micro flakes, is able to penetrate and adhere perfectly into the micro roughness of the metal surface, making it the ideal product to guarantee long-lasting lubrication performance in all conditions. environmental (dry or humid). The product leaves a lubricating film on the bike chain that prevents and reduces wear and guarantees an excellent protective action against corrosion and dirt.

Ideal for chain, rear derailleur, front derailleurs, sprocket set, cables and levers.

The excellent lubricating power, offered by the ceramic additives and EP additives, guarantees the best lubrication of the chain and of the pedal assistance system, even in harsh conditions, and makes SVITOL BIKE CHAIN LUBRICANT also optimal for E-Bikes.

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