Svitol Bike Bike Cleaner cod. 4366
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Svitol Bike Bike Cleaner cod. 4366

Svitol Bike Detracer Bike

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Svitol Bike Bike Cleaner

Its alkaline detergent formulation has been designed for an effective, quick and safe cleaning of every part of the bike, which will be perfectly clean and shiny.

In fact, it contains a polymeric additive that binds the elements of hard water (magnesium and calcium) and the contaminants present in smog and dust (iron, zinc and heavy metals) making the detergent more effective in cleaning, avoiding the redeposition of contaminants on the treated surface. and contributing to the characteristic brightening effect of this product.

Svitol Bike Bike Cleaner effectively removes all types of dirt, even the most resistant: encrustations, dust, mud, smog, grease and oil.

Its formulation is designed to be safe on all bike materials, such as carbon, aluminum, steel, painted or anodized surfaces and range.

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