Pedrollo automatic pressurization DG PED 5 cod. KDGP15A1
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Pedrollo automatic pressurization DG PED 5 cod. KDGP15A1

Pedrollo automatic pressurization DG PED 5 cod. KDGP15A1

Automatic pressurization system with inverter. Compact, silent and high-performance pumping system.

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Pedrollo automatic pressurization DG PED 5 cod. KDGP15A1

  • Liquid type: Clean water
  • Uses: domestic, civil
  • Uses: water supply, pressurization systems
  • Type: electric pumps with inverter
  • Family: general manager ped

DG PED is an automatic pressurization system with inverter composed of a high-efficiency self-priming electric pump, a storage vessel, pressure and flow sensors and a non-return valve.

DG PED is a real compact, silent and high-performance pumping system.

A sophisticated inverter electronic control intelligently and intuitively controls the entire system:

• keeps the system pressure constant by regulating the speed of the pump according to the water demand;

• controls the hydraulic and electrical operating parameters and protects the electric pump from anomalies;

• can be equipped with an expansion card that allows you to work in parallel with other DG PEDs in the pumping groups and manage input and output signals;

• adapts to any type of pressurization system, even existing ones;

• limits inrush and operating currents for greater energy savings.

Data sheet
Scheda tecnica Pedrollo


Guy P2 power
Single phase kW hp Class
50/60Hz 1.1 1.5 IE3
Max performance Minimum Set Point Std. Calibration Set Point Max Set Point
Q litres/min H meters Cafe litres/min Cafe litres/min Cafe litres/min
5 - 120 55 - 10 1 35 - 120 3 5 - 92 5.5 5 - 30
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