Diavolina lighter in 80 cubes
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Diavolina lighter in 80 cubes

Diavolina lighter in 80 cubes

The most famous firelighters in Italy, in the classic pack of 80 ignitions. With resealable inner bag saves odors for better preservation.

The traditional firelighter cube in a savings pack of 80 pieces. Contains 2 separate bags of 40 cubes each, with resealable odor-saving label

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Diavolina lighter in 80 cubes.

Diavolina fire lighter in cubes, suitable and safe for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. Easy to use.

Diavolina white cubes are the quintessential fire lighters. Sold in packs of 40 or 80 cubes, they are reliable and safe and are suitable for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues of all kinds. Diavolina was also the first to include resealable bags in a special semi-breathable plastic in the packaging to best preserve the product.

The Diavolina fire lighters have an exclusive resealable bag with an open & close label that improves the preservation of the product and reduces the leakage of unpleasant odors.

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