Diavolina cleaner for pellet stoves
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Diavolina cleaner for pellet stoves

Diavolina cleaner for pellet stoves

Specific cleaner for cleaning the exhaust system of pellet stoves and boilers. It is the only product that can also clean the combustion chamber of pellet stoves, normally inaccessible for routine maintenance, as it works from the inside.

ATTENTION : do not use the product for heating, but only mixing it together with normal heating pellets. Strictly follow the instructions on the package

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Diavolina cleaner for pellet stoves

The Diavolina Pellet Stove Cleaner is a specific solution for pellet stoves and fireplaces.

These appliances have very different characteristics and needs from the wood equivalents, so it is good to use products created ad hoc.

With the Diavolina Pellet Stove Cleaner it is also possible to clean the combustion chamber from the inside, normally inaccessible for ordinary cleaning operations.

The product must be used by mixing it with normal heating pellets, so as to provide constant cleaning of the flue, without producing smoke or bad smells.

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