Arexons diesel anti-freeze fuel additive 250 ml cod. 9650
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Arexons diesel anti-freeze fuel additive 250 ml cod. 9650

Arexons diesel anti-freeze fuel additive 250 ml cod. 9650

Features in a nutshell:

  • It prevents the crystallization of the paraffins that clog the filter
  • Keeps diesel fuel smoother, pumpable and filterable for longer periods.
  • Protects from blockage of pipes and filters caused by paraffins.
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Arexons diesel anti-freeze fuel additive 250 ml cod. 9650

Latest generation technology specifically designed to reduce the size and improve the dispersion of paraffinic crystals by improving the stability of diesel fuel at low temperatures. It facilitates departures with temperatures down to -20 ° C depending on the type and quality of the diesel used.

Additive to improve the cold flow properties of automotive and heating diesel. Thanks to the new development in the AREXONS laboratories, it improves the low temperature behavior of diesel oils, even those already added with traditional “flow improver”. The new component present in the product, wax anti-setting agent, contrasts the deposition phenomena of paraffin crystals that can occur during prolonged periods of storage at low temperatures. DIESEL ANTI-FROST is a protective additive for diesel and Turbo Diesel car and heavy vehicle engines. In the winter it protects from freezing, preventing the crystallization of the paraffins and the consequent clogging of the filter, facilitating departures even at the coldest temperatures. Used regularly, it facilitates cold starts, prolongs the life of the filter; used in combination with DIESEL MULTIFUNCTION it helps to keep the entire fuel injection / fuel system clean.

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