Fan coils - Fan Coils

Fan coils - Fan Coils

A fan coil (or fan coil) has the same function as a radiator, therefore to heat an environment, with the difference that it does so through the emission of air.

It consists of an external metal structure where inside there are heat exchange coils (air / water), a fan, an air filter and if you want to use it also to cool the environment, a condensate collection tray.
Outside the machine there are connections to the hot and / or chilled water networks.

The coils present in the fan coils can have a single heat exchange coil (2 pipes) the exchange fluid, hot or cold, circulates in the same pipes, so that, in the same period, only heating (with hot water) or air conditioning only (with chilled water). In systems with two heat exchange coils (4 pipes), on the other hand, it is possible to use both the hot fluid and the cold fluid in the same period of use.

Being a system that heats the environment through the air, unlike radiators, they require low temperature hot water in the order of 40 degrees. This means that it can be fed, as well as with classic boilers or better still with condensing boilers, with heat pumps to obtain maximum energy savings and use the fan coils also for air conditioning through a single machine.

The operation of the fan coil, to heat (or cool), takes the ambient air, which, passing through the filter, gets rid of coarse dust and is subsequently pushed towards the heat exchange coil, where it exchanges heat with the water and then is expelled. In the case of heating, the heat is taken away, in the case of cooling, it is released.
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