Water treatment and purification

Water treatment

Water treatment and purification

On this page you can find every product suitable for water treatment (mainly waste water) and its purification.

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing organic and / or inorganic contaminants from urban or industrial wastewater.
The wastewater cannot be reintroduced into the environment as it is since the final addresses such as the ground, the sea, rivers and lakes are unable to receive a quantity of pollutants greater than their self-purification capacity.
The treatment cycle consists of a combination of several chemical, physical and biological processes that you can find in this section.
One of the most common treatments are filter systems.

Purification, on the other hand, is the technological system that, by means of suitable products, eliminates foreign or polluting substances from the water in order to make it drinkable by people or at least usable in household pipes, reducing the risk of degradation of the heating system.
One of the most common purification systems are softeners.

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