Condensing boilers

Gas boilers

Gas boilers

To date, condensing boilers are among the main sources of heat used in homes, now reaching very high yields.

In condensing boilers the fumes produced by combustion are cooled down to bring them back to a liquid state (in fact, condensation is created from the steam generated by combustion) thus recovering the heat used to preheat the return water.

With this technology, the temperature of the outlet fumes is lowered to about 40 ° C and is close to the delivery temperature of the water (in the most efficient condensing boilers , the temperature of the fumes can even be lower than the delivery temperature of the water ). The temperature of the outgoing fumes, in non-condensing boilers , is generally:
- lower than 140 - 160 ° C in high efficiency boilers
- less than 200 - 250 ° C in traditional boilers

Condensing boilers are able to exploit the thermal energy of the fumes because they are made of materials resistant to the acidity of condensate. In particular, they use ad hoc heat exchangers, resistant to acidity (pH 4-5) which is formed by condensing the combustion vapor.

Condensing boilers can operate on both methane and LPG.

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