EUROACQUE Specialists in water treatment


EUROACQUE water treatment specialists

One of the most important and avant-garde companies on water treatment constantly offers innovative systems to improve the quality of our water as well as designing its products for maximization and avoiding waste with further economic savings.

A completely Italian company that boasts 40 years of experience in the sector.

in short an overview of the products that Euroacque offers in the catalog:

Filters for cold water and hot water under pressure.

Cyclonic filters for civil and industrial use.

Stainless steel filters.

Polyphosphate dispensers for boilers and household appliances.

Proportional dosing pumps.

Refills of polyphosphate salts

UV sterilizers (UV lamps)


Water softeners for residential and industrial applications with proportional resin regeneration systems based on actual water consumption.

Monobloc softeners

Magnetic and electrophysical descalers

Osmosis microfiltration

Carbonators and Chillers

Dirt separators and condensate neutralizers.

Eurocque supplements its catalog with a range of chemists

Products for water treatment in thermal and water systems


Equipment and test kit analysis

Chemical products for swimming pools.

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