RBM - hydraulic components

RBM brand

RBM brand

RBM is a leading Italian company recognized all over the world in the production of hydraulic components.

The company has 4 production plants in the Brescia area, 4 branches in Europe and over 200 employees worldwide.

To ensure the highest quality on the market, RBM develops all the products, from the mold, to the design and manufacture. Total control of the production chain is possible thanks to high flexibility and continuous technological and professional updating. The passion for innovation is summarized in the total automation of production which allows to reach a high quality standard and to increase production capacity.

An overview of the product ranges supplied by RBM are components for thermal power plants, safety devices and for hydraulic balancing, air vent valves, deaerators, dirt separators, components for plumbing and sanitary systems, valves for thermal elements, distribution manifolds, valves zone, containment boxes, fittings, radiant floor, wall and ceiling systems, radiant distribution, radiant air conditioning, systems for direct and indirect metering, heat and volumetric energy meters with shift, kit for the redevelopment of systems, multilayer pipes , ball and check valves and spare accessories.

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