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Reference company in the hydro - thermo - sanitary sector thanks to its high quality and the innovations introduced.

Caleffi is a company specialized in components for the construction of thermal systems, solar systems, air conditioning systems.

Thanks to the wide range of Caleffi products, it satisfies every need, starting with the components that are installed in the boiler room (compensators, balancers, distribution manifolds, safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, check valves, zone valves, dirt separators, deaerators and much more. )

components for water supply such as pressure reducers, safety valves, thermostatic mixers, anti-legionella systems and much more.

Solutions for thermoregulation and metering, heat distribution systems up to the most common thermostatic valves.

An Italian excellence of reference worldwide.

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Caleffi differential by-pass valve G 3/4 1-6m cod. 519500
Caleffi differential by-pass valve G 3/4 1-6m cod. 519500
Adjustable differential by-pass valve with graduated scale. Connection: G 3/4" (ISO 228-1) F, inlet. Connection: G 3/4" A (ISO 228-1) M, outlet.